Where are your software feedback loops?

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Product management and software engineering are the yin and yang of building software products. In products that users want and trust, both sides of this software duality work together well. In order for software processes to work well, they must be built on top of tight feedback loops. Feedback loops are put in place to […]

How to Build More Product with Less Effort

Kanban column headings To Do, Doing, Done

When building a software product from scratch, there is a lot of work to be done. Development teams start working in many different functional areas to flesh out the product. The most important thing to remember is that the value of this work is only realized when it reaches a customer and is providing value. […]

When to use Microservices and Micro Frontends

Microservices and micro frontends are architecture patterns that are seeing wide adoption across the industry. Despite the large adoption, there is a lot of confusion around the value of the architecture pattern. We hope that by understanding the key value proposition behind microservices and micro frontends, technologists will know when to use these patterns and evaluate […]

Should We Use a Full Stack Development Team or Specialists?

Should we hire full stack developers to build the application or hire specialists for each part?  This is a question that often comes up when an organization starts a new development project. In my experience there is no better team than a full stack development team for any new project.  When starting a new development […]

A Serverless-less Story

Serverless infrastructure

Somewhere in downtown Manhattan, a combined team of VPs, developers, and operations staff nervously anticipate the open of the markets.  After going through months of testing, they are about to push their trading system into production. As scripted, the market opens and the first trade is made.  The team celebrates the big milestone and returns […]

Games of Ping-pong are Played All Over the World of Work

Creating Efficient Software Teams

That’s it, you’ve finished the big creative project you’ve been working on for weeks.  All you have to do is pass it along for feedback, before getting it out into the world.  After one week you get no response, so you send an email checking on status. Of course, your collaborator is quite busy and […]

Software is the Competitive Advantage

Software is the competitive advantage

In 2003, the Harvard Business Review published an article IT Doesn’t Matter. The argument was that since IT resources are becoming cheap and available to companies of all sizes, IT cannot be a competitive advantage. Nicholas Carr presented his case: By now, the core functions of IT—data storage, data processing, and data transport—have become available […]

Starting Software Projects with the End in Mind

Start software projects with the end in mind

There’s a lot of excitement in a new project. The code flies from the fingertips and it isn’t too long before a developer can look back in amazement at how much has been written. In these early stages of development, it is important to understand how software will be deployed into a production environment. When […]