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We are looking for passionate developers of at all levels of experience to join our growing tech team.

Working at Creative Mines means flexibility, teamwork, and creativity

Throughout his career, our founder Jake Northey has found the most fulfillment working with teams of developers solving challenging problems by building great products. He started Creative Mines to create opportunities for other developers to share that experience.

At Creative Mines, we hire passionate developers with high standards and a knack for unique challenges. If you’re interested in working with a skilled software dev team, apply to one of our open positions or contact us for more information. 

Learn about our core values

While developers can be selective in the jobs that they choose, we, too, are selective in how we onboard new developers. 

We choose team members based on their set of values, passion for mastering software craftsmanship, and willingness to share that experience with others.

Learning and teaching others

Learning is more than simply learning what you need to do your job. It means teaching others what you have learned and reflecting on how you have applied your knowledge to achieve your goals.

Developers at Creative Mines have a passion for learning and teaching others the craft of software development.

Diversity = magical creative power

Diversity includes different backgrounds, varying skill sets, and the ability to communicate diverse thoughts. Those who have experienced these values firsthand tend to be in awe of the magical creative power of diverse teams.

Diversity pairs naturally with the value of learning. Having differing backgrounds increases the opportunity for team members to teach and learn from each other.

Teamwork builds strong teams

Teamwork is aligning a group of people to a common goal. Modern work is a collaborative effort and being effective means building strong teams. Strong teams are multi-disciplined and diverse.

Strong teams include not only those building the product but everybody that interacts with it. Strong teams resolve conflicts by first seeking understanding.

Craftsmanship is seeking excellence

Craftsmanship is seeking excellence in every aspect of building a software product. Effective learners become excellent artisans that master their craft through practice and refinement. Software is more art than science, and good artists learn by doing.

Seeking improvements and simplicity comes from asking questions and looking at things from new perspectives. Product craftsmanship comes from diverse teams with complementary skill sets. Well-crafted products stand out and stand the test of time.

Open positions

Software Developer Jobs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Our office is headquartered in Michigan’s beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula, a serene location near Lake Superior that allows residents to design a well-balanced life based on their own terms. White, fluffy snow is plentiful throughout the winter while summer brings warm temperatures and gorgeous sunsets over the lake. 

For those that enjoy the outdoors, thousands of miles of biking, hiking, and off road vehicle trails wait to be explored. Michigan Tech, a world-renowned STEM and Research University, provides access to resources and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Software Developer Jobs in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Perks and Benefits

As a Creative Mines team member, you’ll have access to many benefits, including:

Competitive Salary

Creative Mines pays competitive salaries to attract the top talent.

Health Insurance

We did the homework on health insurance to make sure employees have the best coverage and value health insurance.

401k (4% match)

Access to a great 401k plan that provides the lowest fee Vanguard investment funds.  Participants get 100% matching on 4% of their salary.

Flexible Schedule

Need to run to the bank or post office? No worries.  We live in a small community and believe that life should be lived in sync with work.

Time Off

Employees get 20 days paid time off in addition to paid holidays.

Profit Sharing

Employees receive end of the year profit sharing bonuses that are automatically deposited to their 401k funds and direct deposit accounts.

Work Environment

Creative Mines is the main tenant of the 101 Quincy Coworking space. This updated office space comes with warm wood floors, art deco radiators and many large bright windows with views of downtown.


Power foods, fresh fruits, indulgent snacks, la croix/pop and freshly-brewed Michigan coffee keep us fueled up and ready for the next challenge.

Location and Amenities

Walk down the street for lunch at great local restaurants like Milly’s and La Cantina or pickup an espresso drink from K.C. Bonker’s.  Get a workout in with on-site gym with on-site shower.