Team as a Service (TaaS)

Supplement your current in-house software team by partnering with Creative Mines developers.

Our Approach

Our developers can help you achieve your software goals by supplementing your team with highly skilled and experienced software professionals.

Using our developers will allow you to flexibly scale your team, bring in specialized expertise, and fill gaps in capacity – all while maintaining control and transparency throughout the process.

Greater Expertise

Enhance your capabilities with our diverse experience and specialized skills across various projects and industries.

Built-In Flexibility

Quickly adjust the size and composition of your team as your project evolves by adding, removing, or swapping developers.

Complete Projects Faster

Tackle ambitious software projects and complete them fast.

Quality + Efficiency

Collaboration with our diverse team creates a more efficient workflow and leads to better software.

Agile Project Management

Our software development processes ensure flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. We break the project into manageable tasks, set short iterations or sprints, and prioritize features based on client feedback and evolving requirements. This iterative and incremental approach enables us to deliver working software regularly, gather continuous feedback, and make necessary adjustments to meet the client’s changing needs.

Continuous Integration

We prioritize implementing continuous integration and deployment practices to enhance productivity, reduce risks, and accelerate the software development lifecycle. We automate the build, testing, and deployment processes, enabling frequent and reliable releases. This approach ensures that new code changes are promptly integrated, tested, and deployed, reducing the chances of integration issues and facilitating faster feedback loops. We strive for efficient collaboration, shorter release cycles, and the ability to address bugs or implement new features quickly.

Cross-Functional Development

Our TaaS model emphasizes the formation of cross-functional development teams comprising professionals from various disciplines. These teams typically include software developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and other relevant roles necessary to deliver a comprehensive software solution. The cross-functional composition promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and efficient problem-solving. It allows for streamlined communication within the team, minimizes dependencies, and ensures a holistic approach to software development, resulting in high-quality deliverables.