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The way we work is collaborative, flexible, and transparent. Creative Mines can deliver full digital products or augment your development team.

Michigan Software Development Agency

Our Software Development Services

Creative Mines is a software development agency based in Michigan. Our team delivers full products and augment existing staff to accelerate project delivery.

Being technology agnostic means we know the tradeoffs between different technology choices. 

User experience is what the industry calls it, but we prefer to think of users as people.

We deliver sophisticated backend systems and APIs for companies of all sizes.

See how the Creative Mines dev team connected OptionsLive to the Chicago Merchantile Exchange and built a modern, interactive web app on the front end. 

Best practices, guides, and insights

Written by our developers, our blog posts are full of valuable information for you and your company. 

Building a culture that people want to be a part of.

Creative Mines is a boutique software development and consulting firm headquartered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company was created with the goals of delivering great digital products and providing amazing opportunities for talented developers.