Our pricing plans are designed to empower your projects while respecting your budget constraints.


Fractional pricing allows you to tailor your software development investment with precision. No need to commit to entire packages when you can pay only for the resources you use.

See our Fractional Rates below.

Fixed Budget

With fixed budget pricing you can embark on your software development journey with confidence. With a predetermined budget, you’ll have an idea of the costs involved from the outset.

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The Fractional Process

Fractional Pricing Benefits

Access to Experts

Build your team with our experts: CTO/Architect, Senior, Full Stack, & Intern Developers, and UX/UI Designers.

Predictable Rate

Enjoy the peace of mind with a fixed monthly rate, allowing you to plan and allocate resources effectively.

Feature Prioritization

Review your list of priorities with our team to identify and build the next crucial elements that align with your project’s success.

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Navigate your software development journey on your terms. Pause for strategic adjustments or end the engagement without hassle.

What to Expect

Consultation and Planning

Engage in insightful consultations to align our strategies with your goals, laying the groundwork for a successful partnership.

Building Your Team

The team composition at any given time is built around the project’s demands and can adjust over time to support the evolving landscape.

Feature Prioritization

Identify the most important features to build next and assign them to our team. We’ll work on one feature at a time, ensuring a focused approach and efficient development process.

Design and Development Process

Seamlessly integrate Architecture, Design, Development, and Deployment, orchestrated by expert teams, to deliver tailored and efficient solutions for your evolving project needs.

Fractional Rates

Benefit from a fixed monthly rate, providing you with cost predictability and budgeting ease. Two plans are available to you depending on how many requests you’d like to have active at one time.

Regular Assignment

One request at a time, with a meeting every two weeks
Monthly Rates
  • CTO/Architect $9,000
  • Sr. Fullstack Developer $6,000
  • Fullstack Developer $5,000
  • UI/UX Designer $4,500

Priority Assignment

Two requests at a time, with a meeting every week
Monthly Rates
  • CTO/Architect $12,000
  • Sr. Fullstack Developer $8,000
  • Fullstack Developer $6,500
  • UI/UX Designer $6,000

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