How to Build Software Teams

Creative Mines Software Team Huddle

In our recent vlogs, we discussed software craftsmanship and how learning can benefit teams. This week we’re diving into teamwork and diversity, the other two core values at Creative Mines. Building strong teams is an essential part of any development project. Today, we’re breaking down the steps to building great software teams.  Identifying What the […]

Teams are the Fundamental Unit of Learning in Software Organizations

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I had a conversation recently about how much we, as software professionals, have to stay up to date with the ever-changing technology in our industry. We’re constantly learning new technologies and techniques to get products built and shipped to our customers.  Software development is a very fulfilling career for people who like to learn. However, […]

How to Implement Craftsmanship as Part of Your Software Process

Craftsmanship is one of our four core values here at Creative Mines. It influences everything we do, from finding the right team members to delivering final products. We choose team members based on their values, passion for mastering software craftsmanship, and willingness to share that experience with others. The idea of craftsmanship seems like it’s […]

People or Process? A Thought Experiment

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Previously we discussed reasons why developers might feel that their project is process-heavy. “People over process” is a common refrain when developers are not feeling valued in their projects. Let’s take a look at an (extreme) example of what happens when there’s no longer a balance between people and process.  Remove Process Completely As a […]

People Over Process: What Developers Really Mean

People over Process

If you’ve ever worked on a large software development project, chances are you’ve heard developers say “people over process.” People over process comes from the first value of the Agile Manifesto, “Individuals and interactions” over “processes and tools.” It is the most quoted and most memorable value from Agile. It also clarifies what we as […]

Software Revolution 2.0

How achieving the right balance of people and process can unleash the potential of your development teams. Meet Drew, the team lead for an exciting new SaaS product in the collaboration space. The chance to work on this product was what attracted him to this company and now, after years of hustling his way up […]

Avoid These 5 Things While Building Software Products

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Product management is the art of collecting information about a problem and distilling that information into a single cohesive solution. The biggest challenge of building a software product is figuring out what not to build. 1. Don’t Solve Adjacent Problems When building a product, it is natural for ideas to start flowing. It is not […]

Where are your software feedback loops?

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Product management and software engineering are the yin and yang of building software products. In products that users want and trust, both sides of this software duality work together well. In order for software processes to work well, they must be built on top of tight feedback loops. Feedback loops are put in place to […]

How to Build More Product with Less Effort

Kanban column headings To Do, Doing, Done

When building a software product from scratch, there is a lot of work to be done. Development teams start working in many different functional areas to flesh out the product. The most important thing to remember is that the value of this work is only realized when it reaches a customer and is providing value. […]

When to use Microservices and Micro Frontends

Microservices and micro frontends are architecture patterns that are seeing wide adoption across the industry. Despite the large adoption, there is a lot of confusion around the value of the architecture pattern. We hope that by understanding the key value proposition behind microservices and micro frontends, technologists will know when to use these patterns and evaluate […]